About Rapitech

The Rapitech Company Profile

Rapitech started as a manufacturing company of gardening products, it now also acts as a sourcing and a trading company for additional products. The product range currently handled is primarily for the garden, outdoors & indoors gardening clocks and electronic DIY markets in Europe and North America. Our company is constantly reviewing the product range and offering new items to our customers based on the current markets needs.

The Rapitech Factory Facilities

Our main office is based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with the manufacturing facility in Zhangzhou, China and consolidation warehouse for sub-contracted goods. The factory and warehouse consist of 2,400 sq/m and employs about 75 workers. The factory manufactures test meters, garden accessories, plant labels, gardening ties, thermometers, etc. It is also equipped with general packing line, quality control and distribution. And the warehouse is available for multifunctional consolidation before shipment.


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